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RF Modules
Gate Entry and Light Automation
Wireless Security systems
ATS Profile 2020
CDI new catalogue 2013
Circuit Design Inc.- Embeded Industrial RF Modules All product Datasheets 2014 - 1574 Kb
Automated / Remote controlled Gate Entry Operators
General catalogue
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ATS Brochure-2011- 388 KB
ATS Catalogue 2020
 STD 302-N-R- 335MHz License free modules pl refer 434 Mhz Datasheet
NEW STD302-N-R- 335MHz Transceiver(License free)
Datasheet - 284 Kb
Automated / Remote controlled Gate Entry Operators
Nice , catalogue
Automated  Gate entry Systems
ATS Catalogue
A calualation tool for STD302 N R/ STD302
STD302 N-RMB15E03 (for 335MHz) -
Calculation sheet - 17 Kb
Automated / Remote controlled Gate Entry Operators
LivFuture catalogue
    Data Sheet - New -STD502 2,4 GHz- A New  DSSS Tranceiver NEW STD-502-N-R-2.4GHz TranCeiver
Datasheet -396 Kb
New NT4/NR4   2.4GHz  Fnal product
NEW NT4_NR4 -2.4GHz -Telecommand TXRX
Datasheet - 353 Kb
    New CDT02-M-R-434 Mhz NEW CDT02-M-R -Telecommand 4ch TxRx
DataSheet -
185 Kb
MU1-IN8 / OUT8  Implementation
MU-1-IN8 & MU-1-OUT8 -8ch Radio Modem
Implementation diagram / Test Board - 49 Kb
    New True DSSS Radio Modem - 915 MHz NEW DSSS Radio Modem MU-D1-R-915 MHz Datasheet        
Range Test Of CDP02E
Programmable TX RX- CDP-02E-R
Range Test report-109 Kb
Range Test Of MU2
Radio modem MU-2-R - 10 mW Low Power
Range Test report-
2276 Kb
Datasheet MU2-R
Radio Modem MU-2-R-127ch
-153 Kb
Borchure of MU1-R
Radio Modem -MU-1-R- 434MHz
Brochure - 237 Kb
Datasheet MU1-R
Radio Modem MU-1-R
Applcation Development kit
- 29 KB
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